ThrustSSC head-on SOA in Tow
Have you ever wondered what jet aircraft look like when they break the sound barrier?  How about a car... a supersonic car in a supersonic race.  America vs. Britain.  It all happened in an American desert, October 1997 and we have the pictures to prove it!

The British won this race on October 13, 1997 with a supersonic run of Mach 1.006. Two days later on October 15, Andy Green furthered that supersonic performance with an incredible new World Land Speed Record of 763.063 mph!  That's one mile every 4.7 seconds!   Visible for only a few seconds the amazing shock waves generated by ThrustSSC were captured in these rare photograph as Andy broke the barrier and raced on to Mach 1.020.
Shock Waves on the ThrustSSC

Later in the day on October 14m 1997 America's Craig Breedlove launched his spirit of America jet car in an awesome 3.5 mile run.  With only 1st and 2nd stage afterburner this 0 to 636 mph acceleration took place in just 35 seconds!  With all 4 stages of afterburner fully functional Spirit has a potential top speed of well over 800 mph!  With the only car left in the world capable of such high speed Craig and the crew of Spirit of America continue working towards their goal of returning the World Land Speed Record to America.
Spirit of America

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